garage_img_1424991743Saloon Car

The most well-liked and cost-effective vehicle, the saloon type minicabs can seat up to four passengers with medium sized luggage. Our fleet consists of modern saloon vehicles. Ideal for airport transfers, school runs and private hire services.

garage_img_1424988823Estate Car

Our Estate cars also known as a station wagons are an ideal choice for passengers with larger size luggage.


This vehicle is well suited for medium sized group transfers with moderate luggage or small groups with larger amounts of luggage.

garage_img_1449655784E-Class Saloon

Every aspect of the E-Class Saloon exudes refinement. Comfort is unparalleled with ergonomic luxury seating and digital climate control. Direct Control puts power at your fingertips, while a suite of advanced safety systems like Adaptive braking and ESP® stability protection add to your peace of mind.

garage_img_1449656264S-Class Saloon

Mercedes have excelled themselves with the amount of innovation and refinement they have managed to include in the S Class. From the moment the door closes behind you the Mercedes S Class is like a home from home. The airmatic suspension has been further improved providing the smoothest ride of any vehicle on the road today, which coupled with the latest comfort seats and opulent surroundings provide you with an outstanding ride experience.

garage_img_1424992300VW Transporter

Ideal for group bookings, our VW transporters are versatile and well kept. Holds up to 8 people and room for reasonable amounts of luggage. Often used for Family holidays and golf trips.

garage_img_14496561834 Seater MPV

This vehicle is well suited for small group transfers with moderate luggage.

garage_img_1447067856Ford Tourneo

The Ford Tourneo Combines style and comfort, One of the most popular MPV’s, it ticks all the boxes. The Tourneo is a versatile vehicle that can be used in a wide variety of fares.